Concrete Edge is a rock n roll / blues rock band from Houston, TX.  The band's music is straightforward, no frills, hard driving rock and raw edged blues with a little Texas attitude. The band has created it's own signature sound, influenced by the great bands of the classic rock era of the 70's and 80's and modern day blues. Played with dynamic energy and tight rhythm, the music is delivered with a gritty, freewheeling, live feel. The band plays the kind of music that'll get the adrenaline pumping and make you want to put the pedal down, so buckle up, turn it up, and enjoy your ride.

Like a lot of bands, Concrete Edge started out as a garage band sweating it out in the hot and humid Houston heat. There were no acoustics and the sound bounced off of the concrete floor and garage door and made the whole house shake. It also inspired one of their first recordings "Garage Floor Boogie". 

Concrete Edge is a jam band who's music is defined by a mix of rock n roll and blues rock. On the rock "n" roll side, songs like "I Gotta Get Back To You", "Going Back Home" (both on the new album) and "Down the Road I Go" (on the debut album) reflect on how things don't always work out as planned and sometimes we get in our own way, we cause our own problems, and we have setbacks. You get knocked down, but you get back up and you keep on going. Keep chasing whatever it is your looking for, even if you don't always know exactly what it is.

Songs like "Roll With It" and "Down The Line" are about not letting anything or anybody stop you, staying true to what you believe, and eventually good things are going to come your way. 

The band also has fun with new songs like "Blackjack Mama", "Hip Grind", and "Voodoo Struttin". Songs like "Commando Queen""Yard Boy Blues" and "Midnight Lover" show a more blues rock side of the band.

If you're looking for love songs or pop music, you won't find them here. Just hard driving rock and raw edged blues, with a little Texas attitude.